IMPORTANT – Currently (2018 Season) our Real Beard Santas live and work in in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. We are working on plans to expand outside the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area, but at the moment we are unable to offer service outside that area.

Our 2018 Season is almost totally booked. There is virtually no weekend availability. We are open to serving WEEKDAY and evening events on some dates. Be specific in your email describing exactly where, what date, what time and how long your weekday event will take place.

Real Beard Santas of Americas are a group of . . . well . . . real beard Santas who work as a team. We share knowledge and skills, communications and bookings, so we can be the best Santas we know how.

We have a great Operations Manager who helps each of us be where we are scheduled to be, when we are scheduled to be there, fully equipped and ready to perform.

Every one of our Santas has had a recent 50-states, all courts and all law enforcement data-bases, background check, plus a Three-Million Dollar Liability Policy that supports you with a Certificate of Insurance as a “named insured.”


If you want references, if you want to ask previous clients how well we delivered the services they expected, just let us know what kind of an event you are managing (public event, office party, celebration such as a wedding, birthday, etc) and we will match you up with a client like yourselves and you can ask them whatever you wish.

Hp-Ho-Hope to hear from you soon!

Real Beard Santa Joe
CEO – Real Beard Santas of America, LLC